Athleisure In Only X Garfield

Athleisure In Only X Garfield

Hey guys!

Hope you all are doing great. Today’s post features the new Only x Garfield collection available at ONLY stores across India. Not only is this collection super cute but also great for the hot weather.

If you are an 80s or a 90s kid, Garfield show, video games and comics must have been an important part of your childhood. The obese lazy cat with an obsessive eating disorder and a propensity to avoid any kind of exertion is so adorable and we all can relate with it’s imperfections.

Garfield’s laziness, obsessive eating, love for coffee and disdain of Mondays, diets and any form of exertion makes him so much like me. So when I got to know that there was a Garfield collection out there, I got so excited to include it in my wardrobe immediately.

From shirts to tees to sweatshirts to long shirts, there’s something to suit everyone’s personal style and the colours and prints are so summery and cool that it’s hard to resist them.

As loose white tees are really trending right now, I bought this cute cropped t-shirt with Garfield’s adorable face and “I don’t give a meow” slogan printed on it. It’s super comfortable and can be paired with anything for a casual chic. If you are an athleisure fan, this t-shirt will definitely appeal to your style. The fabric of the top is quite durable and perfect to keep you cool in this crazy heat.

So, after buying the top, I looked across the store for a lower to compliment this tee and came across this super trendy patchwork leggings with such cool patches sewn across it.

I paired this tee and leggings with simple white sneakers and yellow see-through sunnies for a perfect athleisure look that’s apt for a casual day out or an airport chic (oh yes that’s a thing these days). Here are some of the pictures from this look-

Details of the outfit-

Top- Only

Leggings- Only

Sneakers- Zara

Sunglasses- Forever 21

I hope you guys enjoyed this look. I will soon be back with another outfit post. Till then take care and keep glittering with style.😘😘

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