Denimize the world ft ONLY

Ever since it’s appearance in the fashion world, denim on denim trend has been a rage. It’s an evergreen trend and one of the coolest one for summers. This season’s collection at ONLY stresses on the double denim trend big time. The summer lookbook of ONLY includes a variety of denim on denim looks and they have also introduced a hashtag #denimizetheworld for their campaign. Apart from blue, colours like pink, white, burnt orange are also a part of this collection. The collection also includes different styles like embellished, cropped, frayed, double tone pieces.

For this look, I picked up a cropped peplum denim jacket with statement sleeves. This jacket is super cool and looks fierce yet feminine because of flared detailing on sleeves and the peplum style. I paired it with distressed jeans with pearl embellishments from ONLY. I completed the look with an embellished buckle belt from Gucci and a pair of black block heels for a smart casual look.








I hope you guys liked this look. Until next time, take care and keep glittering in style. You can also read how to wear denim on denim like a pro here- 💙

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  • Prateek Anand

    Ridhima your creative mind is very fertile , healthy & strong. This ability of yours certainly won’t come easily. Maintain it & Embrace it, as your passion is mind boggling.
    I will be thankful if you shower a tiny bit of this inspired insight on me. Have fun & be playful
    Do consider my plea.
    Regards & Love for you