Experience Feminism In Fashion With The Glitter Chic

Experience Feminism In Fashion

The phrase ‘We live in a world of men’ is transforming from a fact to an illusion. Racing and challenging men in every turf of the world with great competence and caliber are women today. Majorly, women are ruling the world of fashion. Creativity lies in a woman’s genes, and exhibiting it in the most artistic way has been getting great attention.

We would like to bring to light the feminism in the world of vogue. The word feminism has been greatly misunderstood in current times. Feminism is not about promoting one gender to be greater or powerful than the other but it is promoting equality in the world of opportunities.

Stepping into the fashion terrain, it gives us great pleasure to say that we, women, right from being models, designers, creative directors, fashion stylists, fashion editors to bloggers, are significant in numbers.

Fashion employs legions of women and makes it the most female-dominated industry. Feminism in fashion is mostly about ‘Women for Women’ and it’s a great angle of the perception to delve in.

There have always been alarming retorts not on the varying hemlines but the way women were defining themselves. And it can firmly be said that fashion influences the standing of women in a society. Speaking strongly for all the women and enlightening the common people of the growing trends, the bloggers have picked the perfect tool against the world, their powerful words.

Besides the whole picture of women empowering the fashion terrain, the designers have taken a bold step in promoting feminism through their creative work. Starting in 1972, the powerful tagline ‘The Future Is Female’ resonated with the entire fashion industry and continues to do so. Hence moving forth every designer has launched trendsetting styles with bold feminist lines.

One other field of fashion that women are marking it as their territory is the blogging world. With most women, what may have started as a passion has set its on-course to a full-time career opportunity. It is a platform for women to share their beauty tips, their fashion favorites and educating one another about the ever-evolving trends.

One such eye-catching blog founded by Dr.Ridhima Madan called The Glitter Chic is focused solely on the latest trends in fashion, beauty tips, and personal care. Driven by women, this blog is a true example of feminism in fashion.

@TheGlitterChic recently collaborated with three other bloggers Aakriti Rana (@aakritiranagill), Mehak Ghai (@mehakghaiii), and Shivani Patil (@the.f.drug) and shot a powerful video that focussed on the theme “fearless feminist”. The shoot pooled in ideas, thoughts, and perceptions of the 4 renowned bloggers and the end result was the poof that feminism has definitely made its way into fashion. The shoot surely was feminist AF.

Their rigorous efforts and through the channel of their shoot, they inspire us to perceive the prism of feminism excellently.

So ladies, take a pause in your crazy schedule, join hands, ideas and thoughts with The Glitter Chic and create your new self!

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