How To Stay Comfortable Yet Look Stylish While Travelling

How To Stay Comfortable Yet Look Stylish While Travelling

When it comes to packing outfits for a vacation, a lot of things need to be considered. From fit to fabric, comfort has to be the priority and since it’s an era of sharing OOTDs on social media, style cannot be ignored.

Though a pair of shorts and a cute graphic t-shirt are an all time favourite, wearing similar outfits everyday can get monotonous. Thus, arises the need for carrying outfits that are super comfortable yet stylish. Additionally, you need to be careful about the fabric of the outfits, depending upon the weather conditions of the place you are travelling to, and also how much space they occupy in your luggage.

So on my recent trip to Singapore, I carried a lot of comfortable dresses in cool and breathable fabrics, as it is a tropical country and weather tends to get humid during the day. Styling a casual cotton dress doesn’t need much of rocket science and they occupy little space as compared to denims. Moreover, they go well with a pair of white sneakers, which cuts down the need to carry too many pairs of footwears and helps you travel light.

In today’s post I will be sharing one such casual chic look that I sported during my trip, with a few tips on how to make a simple dress look stylish without compromising on comfort.

I bought this striped cotton dress from Bhane, a brand that has been gaining immense popularity because of it’s simple and wearable designs. They have a store in Meherchand market in Delhi and also an e-commerce site. The brand is also available on many other websites like Koovs, Amazon etc. Most of the clothes of this brand are made of cotton or denim and the designs focus on comfort and relaxed fits. Hence, I found it to be one of the best brands to buy travel outfits. The brand is also popular amongst celebrities like sonam kapoor, Anil kapoor, Kareena Kapoor and many top bloggers of the country.

I paired this blue and white striped dress with white sneakers and a white corset belt for a casual chic day look. The belt adds style to otherwise plain outfit and makes it more interesting.

Some of the ways to add style to simple dresses while travelling are-

1. Corset Belts

These are really trending at the moment and not only look super stylish but also accentuate curves and make the waist appear smaller.

2. Silver Jewellery

If you are a Bohemian style lover, silver jewellery is the best way to amp up your plain outfits. Chunky earrings to layered necklaces, everything goes well with simple cotton dresses.

3. Sneakers

Ever since their appearance in the fashion scene, white sneakers have been the most loved footwear. A pair of good white sneakers can add quirkiness to the simplest of outfits and go well with almost anything.

4. Braids/ High Bun

A cool hairstyle like side braid or high bun can make simplest of outfits look more dressy, without having to add any accessories.

5. Large Totes

A large handbag is not only very handy while travelling but it also adds fun to a simple outfit. Cane and jute bags are really trending right now, particularly if you are off to a tropical vacation.

6. Hats

Hats lend a cool vibe to the outfits and also protect you from harsh sunlight specially on a beach holiday.

You can also add other accessories like hoops, scarves, bracelets etc to enhance your outfits. If you have any more ideas, do share with me in the comments below.

Details of the outfit-

Dress- Bhane

Belt- H&M

Sneakers- Adidas Originals

Until next time, take care and keep glittering with style.


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