3 New Exciting Mineral Water Flavours By Himalayan

3 New Exciting Mineral Water Flavours By Himalayan

The Natural goodness of the waters of the Himalayas brought to you in a bottle, this sounds too good to be true, does it not? However, NorishCo Beverages has done just that. It has taken water from the mountains, enhanced it with natural fruit flavouring and packed it in attractive bottles, all for us. For all the proponents of the goodness of being natural, the company says it is a blessing packed in a bottle and I found the statement to be true. As a blogger I encountered several claims but I found that by trapping all the naturally found elements in the water, this flavoured water is aimed at increasing the consumption of liquids, albeit in a healthy way.

The magic of Apple, Peach and strawberry

This Himalayan Orchard Pure Mineral water is said to be the perfect balance of purity, minerals and fruit flavours. Yes, this water is not just mineral water, you can also enjoy the taste of three different fruits like Apple, Peach or Strawberry. All three flavours are available in 500 ml bottle but are available for sale in just a few cities in India like Delhi NCR, Bangalore and Mumbai. Every sip of this water is going to make you feel close to nature.

Designs of Masaba Gupta inspired by the colour theme of Himalayan Orchard Pure

Himalayan’s purest mineral water has inspired Masaba Gupta to come up with something new and different. Masaba Gupta has partnered with Himalayan Pure mineral water. On her Lakme Fashion week, she is going to present something different and pure as this Himalayan water. It is going to be fluid, easy and purity based designs. She will come up with new designs based on fruits as well because fruits are also part of Himalayan Pure mineral water and Masaba loves fruits as well. She was part of the Himalayan Orchard Pure Mineral water launch event which happened this Tuesday, 25th July in Delhi NCR. She was very happy to announce about the new partnership and designs. Fruits and nature have been part of her designs from years and she is going to repeat the same style but with some new designs.

Here are some more pictures from the event-

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