Paris Fashion Week Lookbook

This year has been pretty amazing for me. I got to experience the New York Fashion week for the first time earlier this year(apart from many other amazing things that happened), and just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I got a chance to be at the Paris Fashion week last month. It was also my first time in Europe and I was pretty excited about the trip.

In preparation for the trip, I started with a hectic workout routine and a low calorie diet (something that I do before every major event to get in shape quickly 😂), and as a result, I got sick 2 weeks before I had to leave for Paris. So I couldn’t step out of the house or give much thought to my outfits for the fashion week for many days. It was only a week before the trip that I started looking for outfit options online and just bought random stuff that I liked, and ended up picking my fashion week outfits from this lot only.

Although I couldn’t do much research on my outfits this time, all my looks for the PFW turned out pretty good at the end. I was supposed to attend 5 fashion shows in Paris but due to some last minute changes in the schedule, I ended up missing 2 of them. In this post I will be sharing all 3 looks from the days that I attended the fashion week. All these looks were put together at the very last moment and I had fun styling them.

Day 1 outfit

For day 1 at Paris fashion week, I wore a beautiful rust orange shirt dress from NOTEBOOK. The puffed pleated sleeves, side seam pockets and metallic buckle detailing at the waist, gave the dress an interesting look. The elasticated waist and flared silhouette made it very comfortable to move around. I paired the dress with black and beige kitten heels from VALENTINO and tan and black sling bag from PRADA. I accessorised the look with a black bracelet from HERMES. Overall the outfit was very comfortable and chic, just the kind that I prefer.

PS- I feel that this dress was a great buy as it is not only very comfortable and stylish, but the fabric is also very durable and rich.

Day 2 outfit

For Day 2 at PFW, I attended a fashion presentation by the ace Indian designer Manish Arora, and wore a customised powder blue jumpsuit for it. The jumpsuit had split sleeves with cold shoulder detailing and a V neck. I styled it with black kitten heels with a golden buckle and a beaded bucket bag, both from ZARA. I accessorised the outfit with a broad black belt from ZARA, brooch from CHANEL and black and gold earrings with a drop pearl detailing from ZARA. I tied my hair in a low ponytail with this look.

Day 3 outfit

For Day 3 at PFW, I attended a show by Tatras and wore a long black and white fitted dress over a white sheer shirt – both from the Indian designer Sameer Madan. The dress had leather and sequinned details in black, which gave it a very rich look. The shirt had elasticated detailing at sleeves and a ruffled collar, which gave the outfit a cool vintage look. I again went for tied hair as I wanted the details at the collar to be visible. I paired the outfit with black kitten heels from ZARA and black handbag from DIOR, and accessorised it with long beaded earrings from VALLIYAN.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Sometimes spontaneity can be more fun than the planned stuff and I really enjoyed creating all these looks alot. Let me know which look did you find the most interesting.