Rheson Jumpsuit Saree

With fashion evolving every single day and new trends making their way in our wardrobes, we are blessed with more outfit options than ever. There’s an outfit for every occasion available in every price range today and it’s only accurate to say that we are totally spoilt for choice. No matter how bizarre our fashion tastes may be, there’s an outfit available to placate everyone’s style today.

But despite of so much evolution in fashion and multitude of options available, there’s no attire more elegant than a saree. I feel saree is an outfit that suits every body shape and brings out the beauty in any woman but draping it can be challenging if one isn’t used to wearing it regularly.

Although I love wearing fusion and Indian outfits to work, wearing a saree on regular days feels over the top and is kind of uncomfortable. So, when I came across this saree with a casual twist, that comes with the comfort of a jumpsuit, I couldn’t resist myself from buying it. There’s no draping required with this one and you can just slip into it with ease. It’s not only stylish and different than the regular saree, but it also provides the ease of movement and girls like me don’t have to worry about tripping over after every few steps.

This saree is very boho and girly and can be worn at office functions, farewell parties, ethnic days at work if you want to go for something different. I got this jumpsuit saree from the brand Rheson (owned by Sonam and Rhea Kapoor), available at Shoppers stop and Amazon. It’s available in two colours- cherry red and blue.