5 Things To Do/Try At Haji Lane In Singapore

5 Things To Do At Haji Lane In Singapore

Hi guys!!

I recently went to Singapore on a Girls’ trip and tried to explore as many places as possible over a span of 7 days. I am really excited to share all the content that I have created on my trip with you guys.

So before embarking on my trip, I researched about all the good and unexplored places in Singapore along with the popular tourist spots. I came across this vibrant street- the Haji Lane which is quite popular amongst the youngsters. This street is located just next to the Arab Lane and the area has a middle eastern feel to it.

As you enter the Haji Lane, you will be left mesmerized by the beautiful graffiti walls and vibrant cafes spread across the entire lane. The whole place has a very quirky feel to it and is one of the best places I visited in Singapore.

Here is a list of 5 things that you can do at Haji lane in Singapore-

1. Cafes

Amongst the colourful walls are cafes serving middle eastern, Italian and other cusisines. These cafes are also famous for serving hookah or sheesha and based on my experience, the food is really scrumptious and not very expensive. All the cafes have indoor as well as outdoor seating and you can enjoy the music as well as the feel of the place.

2. Shopping

Haji lane houses many independent fashion boutiques where you can get clothes and accessories on discounted prices. Most of the boutiques had upto 50% off and some shops even had a few pieces on sale for just 10 SGD. Also, Arab street, which is a continuation of the Haji lane, has amazing shops for finest carpets having shelf lives of upto 100 years, fabric shops famous for lace and printed fabrics and other shops selling stuff from the middle east. So, it is a great place to shop for local stuff at amazing prices.

3. Selfie Coffee

The name of this coffee shop compelled me to walk in and try it out. I am a coffee fiend and cold coffee is my weakness. I just can’t do without 2-3 glasses of cold coffee in a day and this coffee shop had a lot of cold as well as hot coffee flavours to choose from. What sets the coffee at Selfie Coffee shop apart, is that the coffee comes with your selfie printed on the whipped cream. Isn’t it amazing? You are given a phone to click a selfie and there are alot of props that you can use in your pictures. Not only is the concept so amazing but the coffee also tasted great (though I didn’t want to drink it and spoil my picture on the cream). A regular glass of frappuccino costed around 8.50 $ (approx INR 413), but it was totally worth a try.

4. Click Pictures

Every wall in Haji lane is painted to perfection and it’s a heaven for photoholics like me. Every corner of Haji lane has a grafitti wall and people line up to get their pictures clicked in front of these walls. If you want beautiful pictures of your vacation, with colourful backgrounds that don’t need much editing, you must pay a visit to this place.

5. Vespa Ride

One of the most interesting ways to get a tour of Haji lane is on a vespa with sidecar. A guide will drive you around on a vespa and show you the entire area for a few dollars. Though I did not opt for this tour due to paucity of time, I surely stopped by to get a few pictures clicked with this cute white and red vespa.

I hope you guys found this post informative. If you know of any other things to do at Haji lane, do let me know. Until next time, take care😘😘😘

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